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The Science Behind Hair Loss and Hair Growth

Unlike any other product, Help Hair Shake and our entire product line are based on over 110 scientific references. Our products were developed based on thousands of patients’ feedback.  We have developed a product line that feeds your hair internally by restoring the proper protein balance and vitamin support for the hair follicles.

The peer-reviewed published paper is very technical.  But in a simplified summary, it reviews the products that are common everyday supplements that can cause hair loss.  These supplements are found in your vitamin store or health food store.

The paper explains that there is a secondary and tertiary pathway that causes hair loss.  Typically in the medical community, it is commonly known that testosterone converts to DHT. DHT causes miniaturisation of the hair follicle. So it has been assumed that blocking this mechanism with a DHT blocker will stop the progression of hair loss.  However, many muscle builders still have hair loss even while taking DHT blockers. So what is the mechanism that is still causing hair loss?

When you look at the SHAPIRO Chart you see that IGF-1 serum is a secondary pathway that is not blocked by DHT blockers but still causes hair loss. So by following our Low Anabolic Profile, you decrease IGF-1 and this allows the Shake and vitamins to help increase the growth phase of the hair follicle.

Read the full Scientific Paper on screening for supplements that cause hair loss

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