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If your hair is thinning, breaking, has stopped growing, or just needs a bit of TLC, Help Hair™ will be your saviour.

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Stories From Happy Clients

Ellen B.

“My hair is finally growing stronger! Bleaching, flat ironing, styling and everyday wear and tear ruined the quality of my hair. For years I have wished for my hair to grow past my shoulders. It just would not.

I tried vitamins, different oils and less shampooing. I could see some improvement, but nothing really did the trick. When I heard of the Help Hair Protein shake I figured it would be a suitable supplement for my lifestyle.

I am an active person and go to the gym whenever I get a chance. After a gym session I always make sure to have some protein – I simply replaced my regular protein powder with the Help Hair shake. I usually mix one scoop of Help Hair with almond milk, banana, frozen berries and some organic peanut butter.

Today it has been five months since I had my first protein shake and I’m happily surprised! After all these years of experimenting with different hair products, I’ve finally found something that truly works. My hair has grown past my shoulders and it is thicker and stronger. I am one step closer to a long hair flow.”

Katerina D.

“I have been drinking the Help Hair protein shake and I can honestly say I haven’t been happier!

“My hair used to always snap and I would sometimes experience a bit of hair loss, but ever since I have been using the shake my hair doesn’t break as much, it’s back to its old thick self and much, much stronger!

“I highly recommend these shakes to anyone who is experiencing any hair breakage or loss.”


“When I was first diagnosed with Loose Anagen Syndrome by a dermatologist I was told there was no treatment or cure for my hair. However, after a consultation at Medical Hair Restoration Australia I was suggested a trial period using Help Hair.

“I began noticing improvements in my hair after just a few months of using Help Hair. Before Help Hair my hair was very thin and patchy in certain areas and never grew past a certain length. I was experiencing a significant amount of hair loss with my hair even beginning to come out in clumps.

“However after Help Hair my hair loss rapidly decreased and the thickness and density of my hair improved greatly. Where my hair had previously been extremely thin and patchy I began to see new growth coming through. My hair became the longest it had ever been and visibly healthier. It began to look thicker and nourished rather than frizzy and dry.

“Help Hair has offered me a cure for an issue I thought I would simply have to accept and cope with. I will continue to use Help Hair for as long as needed, as it has offered me hope for my hair and given me confidence.”

Yvette P.

“With amazing help from Help Hair, Kate Dawes and Corina Bezzina, your encouragement and products show me so much light and more confidence everyday.”

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