Dr Shapiro acknowledged for his hair boosting protein shake

We’re mega excited at Help Hair Au HQ as the creator of our natural protein shake has been acknowledged in the December 2015 copy of Elle Australia! *Virtual high five!*

Our protein shake was developed by leading international hair loss specialist and dermatologist Dr Larry Shapiro.

Dr Shapiro spent years researching the essential vitamins and minerals we need to obtain healthy hair and nails. This lead him to create our natural vanilla and chocolate whey protein formulas that are packed with everything we need for gorgeous hair and nails. What a guy!

Dr Sara Kotai from the cosmetic clinic for men, Man Cave Sydney, is an associate of Dr Shapiro and mentioned his formula in an Elle Fit Club feature:

A common and relatively unknown side effect of whey protein isolate (WPI) is hair loss in men and women. I noticed this four years ago when I developed intense shedding about three months into a workout program, which involved WPI. I lost nearly half of the volume of my hair over a period of eight weeks and it was frightening. A colleague of mine, Dr Larry Shapiro, has seen hundreds of patients who were loosing their hair at an accelerated rate from using these supplements due to the increase in testosterone. Now I use a specifically developed protein product to slow muscle growth & support healthy hair and nails.”

– Sara Kotai, Man Cave Sydney

While Help Hair is also a whey protein, it shows that different formulas contain different ingredients that will have various affects on your body. So it’s incredibly important that you check the label and make sure there are no nasties, unwanted calories or growth hormones.

Our shake is completely natural, free of artificial colours, flavours and sugars (it’s sweetened with Stevia) and has just 75 calories (315kj) in a female’s 16g serving.

Just saying!